Do it all with phocial!

Here's a little taste of what you can do with the power of Phocial.
Be sure to ask us about our unique photo retrieval options.

Roaming Photographers for activations and experiential marketing

Roaming Photographers

Send our photographers anywhere within your event!  Roaming photographers are able to constantly move around to the hot spots and make sure that your event or campaign is being maximized.  Unlike a stationary setup waiting for guests to approach your activation, Phocial photographers take a more pro-active approach to photo marketing.  All photographers are equipped with professional photo gear and guests are able to share and download the photos in real-time on their own personal mobile devices.

Animated GIF photography for experiential marketing activations

GIF Animations

Both our roaming photographers and branded kiosks can produce animated GIFs.  Featuring animated photos, overlays, backgrounds, etc....  You name it and we'll produce it for you.  A perfect option for when just a standard photo won't cut it.

Branded Photo Booth Kiosk for marketing and experiential activations

Branded Photo Booth Kiosk

Are you looking for a photobooth for your activation?  Take the booth to a new level!  Each Phocial photo kiosk features a custom branding wrap and allows our clients multiple output options such as photo booth, green screen, animated GIFs and more! Kiosks available Nationwide. Quick turnaround availability daily in New York City, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles.

Green Screen Photography for marketing and experiential activations

Green Screen

Put your event guests anywhere in the world!  Phocial has multiple options including stationary setups at a traditional green screen to roaming photographers that do not need a green screen. Quick turnaround availability daily in New York City, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles.


Multi-Day Photo Pass

Aggregate a guests entire event or festival photos into a single, private and easy to use photo gallery optimized for social sharing and brand awareness.  This is a great way for friends who are not at the event to follow the experience in real-time.  Cards can also tie in online or real world promotions.

Social Media Wall Visualizations for meetings, marketing and experiential activations

Social Visualizations

A great option when you want a unique way to encourage participation and social sharing at your event.  Ask us how real-time, interactive polls can really get event guests to join the conversation.

Multi Camera Array Photography for marketing and experiential activations creating bullet time effect

180 Cam or 360 Cam

Create a highly customized, unique and shareable photo experience for your guests.  Often called "Bullet Time", our 180 or 360 Cam setups provide different output and branding options.  This option is perfect for multi day events and events with extra setup time.  Set your activation apart from the rest with this highly interactive option.  Your guests will be blown away with the results!

SCREEN 02.jpg

Scan To Print Kiosk

Phocial's scan to print kiosk can incorporate our retrieval receipts or scan cards as well as tie into your event apps to allow guests to visit a kiosk anywhere within the event space or property and scan their photo code.  Photos will instantly print for guests and can be operational 24/7.  All kiosks are equipped with lab quality dye-sublimation printers.  If printed photos are important for your event, the kiosk is a perfect option.